The main benefit of building your own business software is being able to tailor it to fit your unique workflow and leverage your business's key strengths. However, building a solution from scratch takes time.

Jumpstart is a business software foundation which contains all of the fundamental functions required, like navigation, security and multiple device integration and will save you up to 50% of the time and cost.

Jumpstart is built using what we like to call 'smart code'. What this means is that we give serious thought to the code structure for each function. Most functions are centralised in one place to ensure the behaviour is intuitive, predicable, fast and the least burden to your device.

The foundation is critical to the performance and durability of the system and is not an area to skimp on. Building the system 'once and well will save us problems as well as you.

Navigation Manager

  • Controls movement from record to record
  • Controls movement from area to area (e.g. Company to Invoices)
  • Allows movement to related area (e.g. from Company to its Contacts)

Security Manager

  • User access privileges
  • Secures the database from local, server and web access.
  • Any screen object can have a security parameter controlled by the Security Manager

Device Manager

On opening your Jumpstart-based system, the Device Manager automatically determines the device you are using and tailors the experience accordingly.

User Manager

Jumpstart allows you to tailor the user experience. For example, you may want one salesperson to only see their customer accounts but similarly the sales manager should see the customer accounts for his whole team. Or maybe you want to bring in a temp to do data cleansing and want to prohibit them from accessing the Invoicing and Purchasing areas of the system.

Theme Manager

Changing the look and feel of the system is effortless.

Print Manager

Jumpstart is enabled with a central print controller. If you change your printer which might have different page dimensions, simply change it in one place, and every document layout (e.g. quote, sales order, invoice, purchase order) changes accordingly.

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